Let’s help struggling families and the elderly keep their pets.

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Work with our members, donate pet food, money and/or other pet supplies and make a difference!

Locally, and throughout Connecticut, For The Love Of Jack is a vocal advocate for sick, injured and hungry animals and their owners as well as a provider of food, medical care and other appropriate forms of assistance for those who need our help  We run frequent fund raisers and beg for donations to this end.

Spring is here and there are people who are being forced to choose between food, and medical care for themselves and their pets.  And there's the additional problems of ticks and fleas. We want to do everything we can to help keep beloved pets in their homes.


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sick, injured and hungry animals

All too often, financially challenged families, the elderly on limited incomes and others who've suffered misfortune can't afford to keep their beloved pets fed and cared for without using their rent or food money.  For The Love Of Jack, a community group that came together initially to save the life of a badly injured feral cat, has made it it's goal to help people in need keep their pets.

Our work goes on year round.  There will always be people who need our help so they can keep their pets and care for them adequately.  

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